NOVELTY: Northern Lights Hunting Safari with Bandvagn!

Go hunting the Northern Lights in the darkness of Lapland!
This a little bit different safari takes you with an all-terrain articulated tracked carrier into the forests and on top of hill on the Arctic Circle. Bandvagn 206 goes through the brooks and snowdrifts, over the rocks and stumps.
In the halfway of our safari the rumble of the truck and even a little rough ride change into nature's soft darkness and quiet around us at the rest point. We will warm up by an open fire, grill sausages and drink warm juice.
If the sky is favourable and Lapland's magic on our side, we will be lucky to admire the flaming Northern Lights. At the same time you can capture these unique moments with your camera.

Departure: daily from 6th December at 8 pm in front of Holiday Village reception
Duration: about 2 hours
Price: 90 e/adult, 50 e/child

Notice: To capture the northern lights you need a camera with long exposure time or aperture size, and a tripod.

Toiminta- ja palveluympäristön kehittäminen ELY-hankkeen avulla

Lapland Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment has granted Husky Travels Oy financial support to the premeditated development project in Husky Park. Getting this European Union support makes it possible to for example build a Kota for customer service during summer/autumn 2014. This Kota is a long wanted addition to develop our service environment. 


Uusi Hirvaan toimipaikkamme valmistautuu ensimmäiseen kauteensa

Viime keväänä ostettu perinteikäs huskytila Hirvaalta on helteistä huolimatta jo hyvää vauhtia valmistautumassa tulevaan kauteen. Tilalla on valmisteltu ja paranneltu vanhoja huskysafarireittejä, jotka kulkevat ihastuttavissa erämaisemissa, sekä muuten kunnostettu pihapiiriä ja ympäristöä. Tulevalla kaudella Hirvaalla keskitytään erityisiin tilausajoihin. Pääosa asiakkaista ajetaan kuitenkin edelleen Napapiirin Husky Parkissa, jossa myös on omat uudistuksensa tulossa – niistä lisää myöhemmin. :) Hirvas on ollut myös loistopaikka pienille pennuille, ympäristö on juuri ihanteellinen huskyvauvojen viettää ensimmäiset elinviikkonsa. Vähän kun kasvavat niin pääsevät Husky Parkiin vierailijoiden ihasteltavaksi – ja vierailijoita ihastelemaan! :)

Kesäkärrykausi avattu!

Yesterday we finally got to harness the dogs in front of our summer carriage, and the first customers got a chance to ride it! This summer has been so hot that we have not been able to let the dogs run, they have quite enough coping with just being in the heat. Not until the temperature goes below +15 degrees Celsius, we are able to let them pull the carriage. Huskies are not made for hot weather, there is a risk of a heatstroke in much lower temperatures than humans. When we enjoy ourselves in the sun, the huskies find some place as cold as possible. The temperatures they enjoy the most are under -20 degrees. Just looking forward to them...

Condition of routes

500 m route

The route is closed.

2 km route

The route is closed.

5 km route

The route is closed.

1 h route

The route is closed.

Life of huskies'

Arctic Circle Husky Park has operated next to Santa Claus Village for several decades. At the moment there are about 90 huskies in the park, of which about 20 are puppies born last summer or autumn. The focus of all operations in Husky Park are the dogs, real, purebred Siberian Huskies, and special attention has been paid to their well-being and natural needs. This can be seen for example in fencing placing, which is unusual in this kind of operations, and also in dog feeding, which consists only of Vom og Hundemat vitaminized raw food.

In Husky Park we don't wake up hearing crow, but a sonorous howling of a husky choir. For breakfast the huskies are given warm and fleshy soup, from which the day gets a good start. When the fencings have been cleaned, the huskies start a deafening yell, as all the dogs want to get to work. Huskies are born to run, and there is nothing more pleasant for them than to pull a sledge with friends. The dogs are fetched from the fencings one by one and harnessed in their own place in front of a sledge. The work day consists of safaris of differents lengths, and the dogs run 30-60 kms a day - quite many marathons a year! Huskies get a little snack between the safaris. When the day is over, the harnesses are taken off and the dogs are taken back to their own fencings, after which it's time for their evening soup. The day ends just like it started - with "thank you and good night" howling.

General guidelines

Husky Park is open during summer season daily at 10-14 when possible, also at other times when ordered. When the weather allows, you can also take a 500 m husky ride with our summer carriage.

For groups, please make a reservation in advance by e-mail ac.huskypark(at) or phone +358 50 5415158 / Mari Rantanen.


The safari prices include guide services with driving and safety instructions. Children under 15 years old sit in the guide's sledge during the safari. Children over 15 years old can drive their own husky team if the guide considers it possible. Husky Park keeps the right to decide on arrangements for childen according to weather conditions and children's size and age. 

For small children we recommend only short husky safaris.



Visit in Husky Park. Come and meet the genuine Siberian Huskies and their puppies! Includes introduction of the park and the dogs. 

prices (1.5.-30.10.)

Adults / children 5 €


500 m 

A moment of unforgettable experience in a husky sled! After the tour you will visit the kennel with the charming huskies and their puppies as its main stars. Duration about 30 min.

prices 500 m

Adults 25 €
Children (under 12 years) 15 €


2 km & 5 km safaris

Experience memorable moments and thrill of speed sitting pulled by a husky team! After the safari we'll
get to know the other residents of the kennel including sweet husky puppies eager to be petted, and enjoy warm juice by the fire. Duration about 30-45 min.

prices 2 KM
Adults 35 €
Children (under 12 years) 25 €

prices 5 km

Adults 52 €
Children (under 12 years) 37 €


1 hour safari (about 8 km)

Do you want to experience standing on the sledge skids and control an enthusiastic husky team? Come along and enjoy a husky safari in the middle of Lapland's exotic nature. After the safari we drink hot juice in an old Lappish building and meet the other animals in the farm. Here you can see real Siberian huskies, and also their charming puppies, waiting for you to pet them. This safari is a must for all people who just love animals! Duration about 1 – 1,5 h, time of departure daily at 9.00 am and 12.00 pm.

prices 1 H

Adults 85 € (2 henkilöä per reki) / 95 € (1 person per sledge)
Children (under 12 years) 65 €
Notice: Transport not included.


2 hour safari (14-18 km)

Experience a husky safari in Lapland's enchanting nature, driving the husky team yourself! We are travelling with sleds for two persons, pulled by 4-6 huskies. You are able to meet challenges and feel the joy of success as you are in charge of the husky team, and the other part of the journey you may just sit and enjoy the ride immortalising your your trip in photos or videos. This safari contains lots of laughter! During this safari you can also enjoy the most true character of Lapland's exoticness – the cold tingling on the cheeks, shimmering snow, calming silence and beautifully bare nature. After the safari we'll have juice and cookies by the fire in an old Lappish building. There we can also share our experiences and hear more of the life of the arctic sled dogs. Duration 2,5 h (duration of driving about 1-1,5 h), time of departure daily at 10.00 am.

prices 2 H

Adults 138 € (2 persons per sledge) / 150 € (1 person per sledge)
Children (under 12 years) 103 € (2 persons per sledge)


Northern Lights hunting safari with Huskies

Enjoy the Northern Lights in a unique way! Admire the magical lights dancing in the sky while you are sitting in the sledge being pulled by a husky team. During our journey to the top of the arctic hill, away from the city lights, you can rest your mind and put your focus up to the sky. The darkness of the night and the Northern Lights blazing in the sky create a breathtaking atmosphere which can be felt only in Lapland! The silence of the wilderness around us is broken only by the smooth sighing of the sledge skids. We will have a stop and make an open fire to warm up a little, as we also grill sausages and drink hot juice. During the break you have also time to photograph the Northern Lights, and capture these unique moments with your camera so you will have them for a lifetime.

Notice: To capture the northern lights you need a camera with long exposure time and a tripod.

After the engaging displays, we will return back to the home of the huskies so they are able to have a good night rest to be ready for the next day.

Duration 2 hours, time of departure on Mon, Wed, Fri and Sun at 8 pm.

prices northern lights hunting safari with huskies

Adults 140 €
Children (under 12 years) 100 €

Notice: Price includes transportation. No Northern Lights guarantee. Min. group size 3 persons.

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